About Us

The Collective

The AIS Collective is an exclusive gathering of like-minded professionals and institutional entities with specified interest or orientation in intelligence and security affairs in Africa. The membership of this professional caucus reflects a variance of stakeholders within the intelligence domain, featuring academic institutions, think tanks, regional blocs, collective-security networks and the private sector. The purpose of the intelligence studies collective is to geared towards developing capacity building synergies and also intended to result in the academicizing of intelligence in Africa as a result of the successful introduction of intelligence studies centers. 

It constitutes a multilateral forum to facilitate and promote interaction using respective bilateral and multilateral agreements as the foundation for which to identify and implement collaborative (work-sharing) initiatives. As a collective it capitalizes on each institution’s area of expertise and builds on existing international networks, initiatives and mechanisms to advance work and information sharing as it pertains to developments across the intelligence landscape in Africa.

Membership Particulars

The AIS Collective is a closed communal caucus. Therefore all membership is inducted via privileged invitation/nomination protocols. 

The Collective hosts an annual convention, runs a private professional collaboration network and also sponsors the production of a podcast series.

Administrative and decision making functions are fulfilled by a Steering Committee of Points of Contact from select higher education institutions and 2 administrative personnel. The Steering Committee is comprised of the following membership:

* The Coordinating Chair

* Points-Of-Contact [Higher-Education Institutions]

* Special Representative [Institutional Partners]

* Program Coordinator (Administrative)

* Pracademic Liaison (Administrative)